Comprehension week!

We believe that good comprehension skills may just make the difference between a pass and possible border line result in the 11+.  The children that we teach certainly differ enormously in their comprehension skills and we try very hard to make sure every child tackles comprehensions using the best method that works for them.

The key is to teach the technique that suits the individual child.

  • Fast readers and children who do really do absorb and truly understand what they have read should read through the passage and then move onto the questions.


  • Children who are reasonably fast readers but are actually none the wiser about what they have just read should tackle the comprehensions by skimming the text and move onto the questions quickly, then go back and look for the answers. They should of course read all the options before trying the find the answers in the text.


  • We believe that slow readers should try and briefly skim the text and move straight on to the questions. It is imperative that they read the answer options before they look back and try and find the answer in the text


  • Another technique is to read the first couple of paragraphs of the text, move onto the questions and try and complete the comprehension in sections.


  • It is really important to work out what works best for each student on comprehensions

This week’s homework is here:

Week 33 Leap Homework