How to use 11 Plus Leap papers

Our papers have been carefully designed to emulate the questions asked in the real exams. They are absolutely perfect for Gloucestershire, which is where we are based, but they are used in many other counties and have been created with the help of extensive feedback from our students.

The CEM exam has historically consisted of two papers:

Paper 1 has contained a range of between 110 questions and 80 questions and divided up into small sections. Each section is carefully timed. The students have been tested on: synonyms, comprehension, NVR sequences and maths.

Paper 2 has consisted of between 110 and 100 questions and again has been divided into small timed sections. The children have been tested on: antonyms, maths, NVR matrices, Cloze exercises and shuffled sentences. Our students have found have found the second paper more challenging in recent tests.

All answers are to be marked on a multiple choice answer sheet.

We have created our papers for your child to be able to practice using the same format as in the actual exam.

Historically we have found that an average score over the two papers of 55% or higher has resulted in a pass in the actual 11+. Over 75% has resulted in a pass for a super selective grammar school.