CEM Style 11 Plus Exam Papers & ebooks

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Perfect to get you going


  • 3 Paper sets
  • 6 individual papers
  • 2 x Short Starter Papers
  • Measure progress
3 paper sets – 6 full papers
  • 21A & 21B
  • 22A & 22B
  • 23A & 23B
  • 2 x Short Starter Papers



Monitor your child's progress


  • 4 Paper sets
  • 8 individual papers
  • Measure progress
4 Paper sets – 8 full papers
  • 24A & 24B
  • 25A & 25B
  • 26A & 26B
  • 27A & 27B



The Complete Package


  • 14 Paper sets
  • 28 individual papers
  • Measure progress right up to the exam
  • Short Starter Papers
  • 2 E books
14 Paper sets – 28 full papers
  • Papers 21A to 34B
  • 2 x Short Starter Papers
  • 2 x E books
    • Shuffled Sentences & Comprehension


What Types of 11+ Practice Test Papers do You Sell?

We have a range of 11+ test practice papers for you to download online, including:

These are all available to download instantly after you purchase online through our website, the best cem 11 plus practice papers for 2018. These could also be used as cem 11 plus mock exam papers at home. Our CEM style 11+ question papers and worksheets will help you do proper exam revision.

If you would rather try before you buy, then we have some free sample 11 plus papers to download here.

At 11 Plus Leap we are the experts in the new CEM style 11 plus exam, with our papers carefully created by expert tutor Tracey Phelps, who has a 98% success rate with her students using these methods.

11+ Paper FAQ’s

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about the 11 plus exam and buying the practice exam papers to test your child.

How are 11 Plus Papers Marked?

The 11 plus exam is marked quite uniquely. There are two points on this, the first is related to sections of the test, and the second is related to the age of the child.

Firstly, because different sections can have different numbers of questions and time limits, simply adding total scores together doesn’t work. So the papers are marked using a standardised scoring system, which helps to filter each sections mark to allow them to be combined properly.

And secondly, because each child will be of a different age when taking the test, the scores are filtered to recognise this. A child born on the 1st of September clearly has an advantage over an August born child in the same year group, and so the test score is adjusted to account for this.

Do these papers contain the answer sheets?

Yes, all of our practice 11 plus papers contain the relevant answer sheet so that you can easily mark the test to determine your child’s progress.

Are these papers in a PDF format?

Yes all of our papers come in a PDF format so that you can download them instantly to your computer, tablet or phone. You can then either work with them from your device, or print them off on a physical sheet.

Which topics are contained in your papers?

Our 11 plus papers are designed to fully prepare a child for every possible question, and so they cover all topics that appear on the 11 plus exam, including:

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Non-verbal reasoning
  • Non-fiction comprehension
  • Shuffled sentences
  • Maths
  • Synonyms
  • Antonyms
  • Cloze passages

If you think a topic isn’t covered on a paper, then you can contact us.

Are these papers CEM style?

Yes, our papers are specifically designed for the new CEM style of 11 plus exam, that is supposed to be “tutor proof”.

Whilst it is harder to “coach” children to pass this exam, these papers allow them to develop the skills for them to pass the exam well, and set them up for a bright academic future.

Do you have any past exam papers to practice with?

We don’t have any exact pass exam copies, however you may be able to find some samples on your target Grammar school website.

Our practice papers have been carefully constructed to be very near copies of the new CEM style of paper, and are your child’s best opportunity to practice for the real thing.