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Welcome to 11 Plus Leap. My name is Tracey Phelps and this is my 11 Plus site. We aim to create a resource that will be useful for parents that for whatever reason choose not to engage a tutor and are preparing their child at home. There are free CEM style sample papers available to download and we will be adding more free papers throughout the year.

There are also 10 sets of practice papers for sale that you can download, print and start using within minutes. We have 2 workbooks that cover Non Fiction Comprehension and Shuffled Sentences.

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Why you can trust our Practice Papers

What customers have said…

“Superb Papers with realistic content”

Tracey’s papers are absolutely spot on for the CEM format.
Each paper contains exactly the question types encountered by my students who have taken their 11+ exams over the last three years. The practice papers really do truly reflect the level and style of the actual exam and are all in multiple choice format. Each practice paper contains smaller timed sections and each section is challenging and has certainly helped my students develop their time management skills.

The first paper in a set contains synonyms, comprehension, non-verbal reasoning and maths. The second paper contains antonyms, Cloze passages, maths, non-verbal reasoning and shuffled sentences.

Tracey is always incredibly generous with her knowledge of the 11+ and is very helpful with advice as to how to interpret scores and results as well as sharing exam techniques and tips.

Thank you, I will definitely be using these papers for mock exams this coming summer.

Angela, a tutor, Reading

“The best 11 Plus Papers I’ve found.”

I bought 4 sets of these practice papers last year when helping my daughter prepare for the 11+ exam. Huge relief as I was finding it difficult to find good quality practice material. In my opinion these papers were excellent. They were available for download as soon as I had paid. They were split into small timed sections and had very clear instructions. The papers’ content included everything found in the 11+ exam. Synonyms, antonyms, comprehensions, cloze passages, maths – short and long questions- NVR and shuffled sentences. There was a sheet to record your answers, just like the real test and a very handy sheet with all the answers for parents. These papers were extremely helpful to my daughter. She said that out of all the practice she did, she found these papers to be most like the real thing. They were also very useful in giving her an idea of the timings involved in the test – something the children find quite challenging. I contacted the company to ask a question and ended up talking to a lady who was just lovely. She showed a real interest in my daughter, was hugely knowledgeable about the 11+ and gave us some really great advice. A refreshing change from some other companies whom I found were really only interested in my money. I would not hesitate to recommend these papers if you are considering grammar school and the 11 +. Good Luck !!

Sue, a Parent, Tewkesbury

“Perfect for checking progress.”

The papers prepared by Tracey are exactly what your child needs to prepare for the CEM 11+, they incorporate all aspects from cloze,synonyms and antonyms. The comprehensions are varied texts from classic to contemporary and really help. The non verbal reasoning is spot on and even pushes to more complex levels.

Harj, a parent

“Great quality, imaginatively written.”

When you buy a practice paper you want it to be as realistic as possible. These practice papers do just that. I love the way each paper is divided into sections with specific times to complete each section as this is how the real exam will be. The difficulty level of the papers is accurate too and the questions have been well thought out.

Dr Samina Rashid, a tutor

My background

As a professional tutor, I work with dozens of children preparing them for the 11 Plus in Gloucestershire, in both 1-2-1 and group settings.

In the 2015 – 2016 academic year, I tutored 65 children and had a 97% success rate, including 5 who have gained entry into Pates Grammar in Cheltenham, which is rated within the UK’s top 10 schools at A level. You can be confident my papers will help your child pass the CEM 11 Plus test.