Second big mock weekend!

We ran our second mock exam this week, like on week 40 but with much better weather conditions!
We ran through tactics and techniques for each section prior to starting the test and again used an audio CD for the instructions.

However, for this mock exam we included a question type that none of the children have seen before, either in the lessons or in the homework.
This was to highlight how crucial it is to pay proper attention to the instructions and to listen very carefully.
Somewhat predictably, half the children were completely flummoxed to be thrown this curved ball – we had to stop and rewind the audio and some of the children were clearly unsettled.

However, it did get the point across that the children MUST listen very carefully and not to be surprised if something completely different appears in the exam in September.

Problems occurred when the children turned to page 31

Here are the papers that we wrote for the mock:

Mock with Surprise Week 43 Booklet 1

Mock with Surprise Week 43 Booklet 2

Top score was:91%
Average: 64%
Bottom: 27%