All of the children have now broken up for the summer (except for the private set who have been languishing at home for the last fortnight already!) and are looking forward to moving up to year 6 in September, it is nice to see all the end-of-year certificates and awards that they have been presented with in their respective schools.

Those that have gone away for a family holiday have been equipped with a range of resources for them to just dip into whilst they are away.

We think that although it is important to keep the brain ticking over, it is also important that the children enjoy their time away and aren’t left feeling that their siblings are having much more fun whilst they are having to work! So, no onerous practice papers on holiday, just small snippets of maths and a good book to read!

We gave the children a choice of:

Tell me no Lies by Malorie Blackman
The Other Side of Truth by Beverley Naidoo
Siverfin by Charlie Higson
The Machine Gunners by Robert Westall
Fruit and Nutcase by Jean Ure
Raspberries of the Yangtze by Karen Wallace

As is usual at this time of the year – the end of the summer term – the children in the group sessions are all extra excitable and rowdy while our 1-2-1 students seem to be much more subdued. We are at the stage in this year’s course where the dynamics within the groups is such that the children all know each other well – they have all been to each other’s birthday parties – and we have seen a healthy competitive culture manifest itself.

Lessons for our 1-2-1 students need freshening up at this stage so we invite them to join in the group classes as we get nearer to the 11+ in September.

This week’s home work is here: Week 42 Leap Homework