And so it all begins again!

After all the back-slapping and high fives of the last week as results have all been filtering through, we have been meeting up with our new students as well as congratulating all our successful year 6 children.

We have achieved an overall 90% pass rate for 2017 and 100% for 1-2-1 students! Very proud and thrilled for all the children and their families.

We do not cherry pick students, as we believe with inspirational teaching we can make a difference. But we do ask our students to complete a short assessment paper to enable us to organize the classes where children are placed in groups of similar ability.

Also, in order for us to get to know the children as quickly as we can and better understand the dynamics within each group, we ask the children to complete the form here: Student Questions 2018

As always, we always see some really interesting answers!

Among the more unsurprising answers to question 10 – ‘To own a Lamborghini’, ‘To live in a mansion’, ‘To be a millionaire’ and ‘To play for Arsenal’, there were some real gems:’

‘To help the homeless’, ‘To travel back in time’, ‘To meet James VI of Scotland!’ and ‘To not to be allergic to nuts’.

Best answer was ‘To be the best I can be’.

Question 13 threw up some crackers!

‘Stop pollution’, ‘Make the planet less crowded’, ‘Better people, less garbage’, ‘Get rid of Donald Trump’, ‘No more natural disasters’, ‘Stop killing animals’, ‘Get rid of money, wars and arguments’ and ‘No terrorists’.

Best answer by far was simply ‘My behaviour’.


We had the chat with all the children about the importance of doing the homework and learning any new vocabulary they may encounter.

Homework for week 1 is here: 2018 Homework week 1