Mock Exam season seems to begin earlier every year!

Many of my parents have begun to inquire about when to start looking at booking mock exam sessions for their children, and how many they should attend.

My advice would be to only book with a mock provider who has a proven track record of providing quality test papers and who has been running 11+ mock exams for a number of years. Word of mouth is often the best way to choose which tests may be the most appropriate and well managed.


Be mindful that anyone can a hire a venue to run mock exams. They can also establish a new website and pay for advertising which will place them at the top of a Google search depending on the keywords entered. 

Mocks exams have become very fashionable and popular over the last few years and whilst we think it is beneficial for children to attend these sessions, please check out the mock providers credentials before booking. Most mock exams cost upwards of £50 per session and it can be a very expensive and ultimately useless exercise should you not use a reputable mock provider.

Of course the most essential detail is the release of the test paper contents to you and very few mock centres allow this level of transparency.

I would urge you to watch out for the following when you search for 11+ mock tests, especially with sponsored websites that appear at the very top of Google: 

  • Websites that have only been registered in the last few months but claim to have a proven track record and several year’s experience. You can check this here:
  • Websites which have no business address or phone number  – this is illegal and is not the way a reputable mock provider would manage their business.