This week all the children have completed a full length mock test under strict exam conditions and listening – hopefully carefully – to instructions on an audio recording.

There were two question booklets:
Booklet 1 contained:
Synonyms, 26 to be completed in 5 minutes.
Comprehension, 20 questions in 14 minutes.
Maths 1 (A-E) 20 questions in 15 minutes.
NVR sequences, 20 questions in 12 minutes.
Maths 2 (00-99) 12 questions in 10 minutes.

Booklet 2 contained:
Antonyms, 25 to be completed in 6 minutes.
NVR matrices, 21 questions in 15 minutes.
Maths 3 (A-J) 16 questions in 15 minutes.
Cloze, missing words, 20 questions in 9 minutes.
Shuffled sentences, 14 questions in 8 minutes.

The students worked through 2 examples at the start of each section., just as in the real 11+.

There was a short break in between the papers and we encouraged the children to bring a bottle of water and a healthy snack for the break.

The only thing that we didn’t have under control was the weather – it was very, very hot in the hall and we were proud of the way that the children coped and manage to concentrate in the conditions!

On marking, results are:
Top score 82%
Bottom score 55%
Average 68%

Well done all!

This week’s homework is here: Week 40 Leap Homework