Jumbled/Shuffled Sentences eBook


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This Shuffled Sentences Ebook will enable your child to practice this essential question type. In time they will improve their problem-solving technique. These questions are also known as “jumbled sentences“.

  •  There are 6 separate sections. Each section contains 42 individual questions, making a total of over 250.
  •  The sections become progressively more difficult;  your child will be able to steadily improve their skill level while working through the worksheets.
Sample Shuffled Sentence worksheet
A Jumbled Sentence example from the workbook

What are Shuffled, or Jumbled, Sentences?

The CEM 11 Plus exam contains several types of these Verbal Reasoning questions. Consequently, it is important for your child to master how to solve them quickly and fluently. They test understanding of sentence structure and word order.

The exam contains 2 types of Shuffled Sentence questions:-

  1. Form a sentence – The object is to form a sentence from a set of jumbled words by arranging them in the correct order.
  2. Superfluous word – The goal is to create a sentence from a set of jumbled words by arranging them in the correct order. This will, therefore, leave just the superfluous word, which is the answer.

The length of shuffled sentence questions in the exam will vary which therefore also affects their difficulty.  Your child will hence need to develop strong verbal comprehension skills to solve them.

The 11 Plus Leap workbook has examples of both question types and the sections become steadily more difficult.

Click this link to a homework page for some practical ideas on how to improve exam technique for shuffled sentences questions.

See this article for further examples of developing skill with sentence structures and some useful guides for measuring your child’s abilities in this area. It is designed for children aged between 7 and 11 years old.

By learning the parts of a sentence, they will soon be able to put the words in the correct order.