Big NVR Week!

In the lessons this week we have covered odd ones out, matrices and sequences. I have to admit that NVR is proving quite difficult to ‘sell’ to the students! Very few of them enjoy NVR and they mostly struggle to understand how tip top NVR skills will be of benefit to them in the future!

I can’t disagree really!

But we continue to try and motivate the children and stress that the NVR element of the 11+ has historically been worth more marks than the maths. So it is vital that we press on and improve as much as we can before September.

I can’t help but think that solving NVR questions is a bit like being easily able to solve a cryptic crossword puzzle in one newspaper but hopelessly struggling with one in another newspaper!
It appears to depend on who has compiled the questions and if you are in tune with the author!

This week’s homework is here: Week 38 Leap Homework