Premium Bundle


This Premium Bundle is a complete package of 11 Plus paper learning materials that will help your child learn and improve their exam technique.

It provides these great benefits for your child’s exam preparation:

  1. It is the most cost-effective way of buying high quality 11 Plus Papers. With 24 papers available, you can plan a work schedule for months ahead.
  2. You can measure how your child performs when you start and then check their progress regularly.
  3. This will help identify any weak areas that may need extra work focused on them
  4. The Bundle has 2 shorter Starter Papers that let you begin testing gently to give your child an easier introduction to the process.
  5. The pack includes 2 specialised workbooks:
    1. A Verbal Comprehension workbook containing 10 original comprehension worksheets.
    2. A Shuffled Sentences workbook with over 250 questions

The full Premium Bundle Contents:

  • 2 x Short Starter Papers
  • 14 full Paper Sets – 28 individual papers
    • Papers 21A & 21B
    • Papers 22A & 22B
    • Papers 23A & 23B
    • Papers 24A & 24B
    • Papers 25A & 25B,
    • Papers 26A & 26B
    • Papers 27A & 27B
    • Papers 28A & 28B
    • Papers 29A & 29B
    • Papers 30A & 30B
    • Papers 31A & 31B
    • Papers 32A & 32B
    • Papers 33A & 33B
    • Papers 34A & 34B
  • 2 x E books
    • Comprehension
    • Shuffled Sentences

The 11 Plus papers are designed to be challenging, like the actual CEM 11 Plus paper. Each paper contains 100 questions, so there are 2,800 in total in this Package. The multiple choice answer sheets are included of course

The Papers are supplied in high-quality PDF format. After purchase, simply download, print them off and start testing.