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    About Free 11 Plus Papers

    Here at 11 Plus Leap, we know that many parents have never seen an 11+ paper, or it was so long ago that they don’t remember what is expected of their children today. It is useful both to parents and students to get a look at some sample 11+ papers in preparation for examination.

    We have gathered free test 11+ papers for you to download and use, simply add your email to the top box and submit to receive your samples instantly in pdf format via email.

    11+ past exam papers – are they available?

    It can be difficult – in some cases impossible – to find real 11+ papers. Here is a brief overview:

    GL papers

    These are used in several geographical areas and in many individual schools. GL publishes sample papers which are very similar to past papers, and give a good idea of what questions and formats to expect.

    CEM does provide sample questions, and there have been sample exams derived from a combination of the sample questions and information gathered from children in exit interviews. There are no published past exams from CEM.

    You can buy and download our expertly created CEM test papers online here.

    How to use a sample, past or practice 11 plus paper

    Do not begin with these papers. The best practice is to let students build up their skills and speed until they are at the early stages of being ready to take the exam. Rather than using these papers as learning tools, they should function as a means of testing the learning already done, preparing the child for the format and process of taking the exam, and identifying potential gaps in skills or knowledge.

    For CEM papers we wrote a special guide on how best to revise and pass the test which you can read here.

    You can use these samples or practice papers to improve speed

    Increasing speed without losing accuracy takes a lot of time and practice. One method of helping your child to increase speed without sacrificing accuracy is to segment the paper into blocks of about eight minutes each. It will be easier for them to maintain the necessary concentration for these shorter periods of time, and as they practice, their endurance will increase until they are able to tackle the entire paper at speed. CEM tests are already structured this way, but you can divide GL and independent school tests up into sections to produce the same effect.

    These 11+ papers and samples are also great for improving stamina

    Unless your child is used to sitting through testing sections of between one and two hours, they will struggle to do well on the exams. Use past (or mock) 11+ papers and do some practice test days at home. Work up to having the child do two tests in a row, with only a ten to fifteen-minute break between them. It would be a shame to have a child fail to complete an exam because of lack of stamina, when they otherwise have the knowledge and skills necessary to do well.

    You can use these 11+ papers for revision & filling knowledge gaps

    Look over the practice papers and look for patterns in which areas your child does well, or struggles. This is a great way to determine where revision time is best concentrated. There is little point in going over concepts (even very difficult ones) that your child already grasps well. That time is better spent improving the child’s grasp of areas in which they often get questions wrong (even what may seem simple ones to you). By concentrating revision time where it is most needed, study becomes more efficient and overall results are much better.

    Access 11+ papers, including free sample and past papers

    Use the links on this page to access our paid 11+ papers, or submit your email above to download free sample papers. You can use these for free, and you may want to purchase books or papers to use as well. We have chosen the resources we feel are of the best quality, and best suited for 11+ paper preparation. We even include some guidance on preparing and revising for 11+ papers. The entrance exam doesn’t have to be impossible!