Mock Exams

Unfortunately, we have been unable to host hall-based mocks this year as our venue has been closed due to the pandemic. Some of our students have understandably attended mock exams from other providers. We must stress that mocks should be considered first and foremost as an opportunity to experience a test environment, and that results and rankings should be a secondary consideration.

In particular, take care not to book a mock test where the papers are not able to be viewed by parents. It is essential that the level of difficulty can be determined and that mistakes are transparent.


Once students are proficient in all the 4 operations, they can use a few devices to solve certain maths calculations much more quickly in some cases.

For long division, sometimes it can be quicker if a student halves the number that the number needs to be divided by to leave a ‘short’ division calculation.

It can also be useful when calculating a number by, for example 15, to divide by 5 and then divide the answer by 3

Alternatively, both numbers may be halved to make the calculation easier.

When multiplying a decimal, it can be helpful to double the decimal to arrive at a whole number, at the same time halving the other number to arrive at the same result

When multiplying a number by 25, it is easy to multiply the number by 100 and divide the answer by 4 (25 x 4 =100)