This week we have covered currency conversion in maths.

Worded currency questions have popped up in every single year of the CEM transfer tests in our area and I wanted the children to really understand the concept of different countries using their own currency and not just see it as an arithmetic exercise

Of course children who travel a lot understand the idea much more easily!

They were pleased to learn that although question 1 in the following worksheet looks quite difficult to begin with as you need to multiply 2.60 by 150 – the task can be made much more doable mentally if you just multiply 2.6 by 100 (260) then add on half your answer (130) = $390.

We are going to do much more practice with this topic as we work through the course this year.









 Answers:                                                                                                                                                        The PDFs for the above are here: 2019 Week 7 Currency Conversion