This week we have been trying to fine tune the children’s comprehension skills and discourage the tendency just skim briefly over the text and then skip straight to the questions.

Quite a few of our students attended external mock exams this morning and it has been really interesting to see that the best results are being achieved by the children who have already mastered good exam techniques. Lower scores are being recorded by some more able students who are tackling the tests with a perfectionist attitude with a need to get everything correct. On analysis, these students are scoring between 86%-90% correct on the questions that they answer, but a very disappointing 50-55% overall. 

Much better scores are being achieved by students who have learnt that it is a key part of their exam technique to press on through the papers, making educated guesses where appropriate, and to finish the papers.

Snippets from this week’s homework are here:

Week 28 Leap Homework