This week we have been covering world time zones and currency conversion and it is no surprise to see that the children who have friends and family living or working abroad are the best at understanding these concepts.

We discussed lines of longitude and coordinates and something really interesting emerged to give us yet more insight into the minds of 10 year old children:

‘Does Brexit mean that we are now all banned from Europe and we won’t be able to go to France, Italy or Spain or any other European countries anymore for our holidays?’

It reminded us that when you are young and you see the headlines or watch the news, you don’t always understand it and just put your own perspective on it.

It was similar to when a certain Mr Trump triumphed in the US Presidential elections. Nearly all the students thought that the new president would spend his days sitting in the White House on a huge black leather chair just waiting for the right moment to press the big red button that would herald the start of World War III…


Week 26 Leap homework

Week 26 Leap homework 2