Notes from the desk a busy tutor; always learning, always trying to improve!

7 July 2018

2018 Week 39

This question type popped up two years ago in our Gloucestershire CEM test:  

30 June 2018

2018 Week 38

    As we near the date of the transfer test – for us in Gloucestershire it will be Saturday 15th...

23 June 2018

2018 Week 37

Now that we have completed many timed practice tests, all of our students are improving whether it be in terms of...

16 June 2018

2018 Week 36

    These question types popped up in our Gloucestershire CEM transfer tests two years ago. Missing sentences as opposed to...

9 June 2018

2018 Week 35

Lots of our students have now attended various mock exams with mixed results. Again we can’t stress enough how important it...