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24 July 2021

2021 Week 38 – Vowel Confusion

It feels like the pandemic has taken its toll! What with all the social distancing rules being in place over the...

17 July 2021

2021 Week 37 – Century Confusion

Again, understandably, lots of our students are confused with how the centuries are numbered. They all understand that we are currently...

10 July 2021

2021 Week 36 – Money & Time

Understandably – given that children very rarely need to actually handle money or tell the time in real life – it’s...

3 July 2021

2021 Week 35 – Non-Verbal Reasoning

We are having another week focusing on NVR (yes, again!) and aside from the elimination methods, some of students are intuitive...

19 September 2020

2020 Week 51

Nearly there!