This week we really zoomed in on reading books.

Reading is something that, as a company, we talk about and recommend a lot. I sometimes worry that it be becoming tiresome but that really is because we cannot encourage it enough.

First and foremost, it is fun and relaxing because a child does not have to be reading a classic or a non-fiction book to be learning or for the book to be beneficial. As long as they are engaged and interested, it gets the 11PlusLeap stamp of approval! All books are a great source of vocabulary and reading is the best way for children to expand their own vocabulary. Obviously, the classics are great and non-fiction is too. We would always encourage children to try these out and also read a wide range of books. However, the bottom line is we want them to enjoy themselves because that is what is going to keep them reading again and again and in their own time.

There is no use giving a child a list of books they won’t enjoy because they will read one and then associate reading with negative feelings! The concept will be forever linked to feeling bored or confused and, while it may seem worth it in the short-term, it certainly won’t be in the long-run. Whether you’re buying books or borrowing them from your local library, give your children autonomy over what books they are reading and do your best to foster an energetic and excited approach to reading.

Just for fun, we have attached the following worksheet to get children more familiar with book genres. This will be very useful for them as they are perusing the shelves of the library.