Although some exercises we do may, strictly speaking, not be a format that is pertinent to the CEM transfer test in our area of Gloucestershire, that doesn’t necessarily mean we should overlook them. One example of this is vocabulary; you can never know enough words!

The emphasis is, of course, on the main syllabus so that the students can comfortably and confidently sit the 11+. Ultimately, that is the most important task. However, seeing and learning new words only further consolidates this confidence that a child has in themselves.

We think it’s particularly valuable if you yourself can get involved when expanding your child’s vocabulary. Maybe sit down with them and go through this exercise together. Students find it a lot easier to feel engaged with their learning when an active discussion surrounds it.

Let us know how you all get on with it, and… for those who study with us, we can’t wait to hear you use those new words in our sessions!