Lots of our students have now attended various mock exams with mixed results. Again we can’t stress enough how important it is to choose a reputable mock provider who will allow parents to have full access to the question papers!

Mock providers who allow parents to merely have sight of incorrectly answered questions are short-changing parents as you cannot be clear which questions were set ..

What if more challenging maths questions simply weren’t in the mock papers – speed and distance, mean, median, mode and range, ratio and probability – what if these topics did appear and your child answered the questions correctly – as parents you are in the dark.

Please treat any shock results in mock exams with care and make sure that your child doesn’t become demotivated and upset by a low score. Remember that mock providers want you book as many tests as possible and also may try to persuade you to enroll on expensive summer revision courses!

Cloze passages are proving problematical for some students so we have revised these this week.