Designed to test your child completely

For many years, we have been privileged to have been asked to write mock exam papers for many well known tuition centres and since 2014 with the transition to CEM, we continue to supply quality papers to mock exam providers.

Our papers are designed to replicate the difficulty encountered in the real examination. They contain all the elements of the CEM tests;

  • English – including comprehension, synonyms, antonyms, Cloze passages and shuffled sentences.
  • Maths – worded problems and shorter maths.
  • Non-verbal reasoningTests the ability to solve problems by analysing a sequence of abstract diagrams

Why we’re different

We don’t include any questions in formats that simply won’t work in tests that are multiple choice. So, that means no missing letters in synonyms or antonyms or Cloze. All of the questions in our papers are relevant to the CEM tests.
More on what the papers contain here.