Grammar school entrance tests vary enormously from county to county and can include Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Maths and English components.

Verbal reasoning features in almost every Eleven Plus test and this is what we focus on at 11plusleap. Our verbal reasoning material is perfect for Gloucestershire, Buckinghamshire and the Wirral and also suitable for the verbal reasoning component of the Eleven Plus in the following counties:

–          Berkshire

–          Devon

–          Dorset

–          Kent (this is an especially huge county, with 13,000 children sitting the test every year)

–          Lincolnshire

–          Northern Ireland

–          Surrey

–          Wiltshire

–          Yorkshire

There are also a growing number of counties that use the CEM style of examination, which is written by the University of Durham. Our new CEM papers are tailored specifically for the Eleven Plus in these areas:

–          Bexley and Barnett (these are London boroughs rather than counties)

–          Birmingham

–          Buckinghamshire

–          Gloucestershire

–          Warwickshire

–          Wolverhampton